Albert is our CEO/Founder/Co-Owner and Lead Technician for F5 Computers.
Albert founded F5 Computers with the help of Victor Torres/Co-Owner in late 2001.
Albert has been our senior technician and is always on site to over-see and guarantee that every technician working for F5 Computers has the required knowledge, skills and professionalism that F5 Computers has been employing for over 16 years and will continue to provide with the support of our local businesses and clients in the Los Angeles area.

Albert was born and raised in Los Angeles, CA in 1979, his enthusiasm for working for today's technologies, keeping up with new hardware and software drove him to think about become a computer technician since his early years, he attended and graduated from local public schools in Los Angeles and attended community college majoring in Information Technologies.

In 2001 he was able to form a strong friendship with other computer tech students and soon realized that he will launch what today is known as F5 Computers, our clients have kept us in business and we couldn't be more grateful to them, that's why, we honor their support by always being 100% honest about every single system we repair or build, with your business and your word of mouth F5 Computers will be around for a long while and we will always strive to give you the best customer service.
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